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  1. Hi, We would like to join you on the September foray for summer truffles.
    How do we go about joining the foray?
    16th September 2012 Near Worthing 10am-3pm Summer Truffle Hunt
    Robin & Sasha

  2. Hi Melissa, I had a fantastic day last Friday on the foray through Coldean woods. Thank you,Zebedee and Iona so much. I was blown away by the amount and variation of specimens we all spotted – from the black dead mans fingers through the green and blue types (can’t remember names) all the way to tiny,tiny little mushrooms growing parasitically on top of larger types.
    I had no idea that the actual mushroom lives underground,unseen and that what we think of as the mushroom is just the fruit. I was also unaware of just how important fungi are to the ecology.
    It was a real treat to watch Zebedee at work- he loves his job doesn’t he,
    Thank you too for the tasty and almost too pretty to eat mushroom cake!
    I’ve realized how much I miss the countryside and will be taking my (excited) daughter to Coldean tomorrow.
    Hope you and Zebedee enjoy meeting with Alan Titchmarsh next week- I’ve heard he’s a fungi…..
    Mandy Pfeifer 😉

  3. Hi, I wanted to come on the 26th 0f October, as it is near me, but have a dentist appointment, where is the one you are doing on the16th and the 30th of November?

    • Hi June there are places for the 16th Nov a BioBlitz foray recording species for national records, and truffle hunt. No foray on the 30th. However private forays still available all through the month most weekends. e mail me for more information or call. my details in the contacts page. Thanks for your interest.

    • Hi June there are places for the 16th Nov a BioBlitz foray recording species for national records, e mail me on my address in contacts…

  4. Hi Melissa,
    I’m pleased to see you had your stick with you when meeting A. Titchmarsh Esq.
    Thanks for the publicity.

    The Whittling Woodpecker.

  5. we would like to join you on your truffle hunt on 24th november if you hav space.Just myself and my husband. Hav always had an interest in foraging but not had the time to pursue it but now we are retired loads of time. We live in Guildford.

    • Michael have a look under “mushroom and truffle hunts” on this blog, all the details, dates etc are there to see, if you would like to book a place please email me, my contact details are all under “contacts” also in the main menu, hope this has helped.

  6. Hello!
    I’m thinking of coming down to the Horsham foray but I had a quick question for you in the mean time. Every year in the copse at the end of my garden there is a spectacular crop of these –

    I looked them up and I think they are Spindleshanks mushrooms (Gymnopus Fusipes). I found these at the base of a beach tree and they are in medium sized clumps.
    The sources I’ve read either said they are edible, or inedible because they are too tough and bland. Have I correctly Identified them and are they really edible?
    It would be great if I could make some use of them as they are so abundent here.
    Many thanks!

    • Hi Chris, I make a rule of not identifying mushrooms by photos especially if its for the table, perhaps too cautious but safe so unless its past my hands and beady eye I would not do this or recommend eating. This mushroom appears to be a Spindleshank with its unmistakable shaped stem, sadly not good due to toughness, edible does not mean choice, sadly as this rules out a lot of edible fungi for us to eat.

  7. Hi Melissa
    Have really enjoyed your website.
    I was wondering if a French Bulldog from early puppy stage would make a good truffle dog?

    • Hi Maxine, I have never trained a bull dog of any sort so not sure how well they would do, would not be my first choice of breed for a truffle hound but it would be interesting to see how your dog reacts to this type of training. I can usually tell after one session. Hope this helps. . .

      • Thanks for the prompt reply Melissa
        To be honest I’ve not yet got a dog… I love frenchies & have had them before & am also a keen ametaur mycologists.
        My partner would like a vizsla & I know this breed would make an excellent Tuffle hound….but I’m still in hope of the Frenchie.
        Will have to see I suppose :-))

  8. hi, i would like to book my dad in for your truffle hunt on 4th or 5th of october. he has always wanted to do it and as it is his 70th birthday thought it would be a lovely gift. i do hope you have space.
    regards sarah

      • Hi,
        Are you organizing another foray soon, i am off these two weeks from today and would love to join you.
        I can even do a short notice 🙂
        Really excited to have come across your page!


  9. Hi Melissa, my 12 yr old son is very interested to learn more about mushroom hunting. Is there anyone in the Heathfield area who runs forays that you are aware of please?

  10. I’ve found some small red skinned truffles (Tuber rufum?) growing in the roots of a Monterey pine I planted 20 years ago. Sources I’ve checked suggest they’re not worth eating …. but I’d like to know more. Have you found/tried these?

    • Hi Janet, yes I have found and eaten T rufum, when really fresh I like them but everyone is different…they are quite strong! Try small amount first see how you go if your sure they are T rufum, what part of the world are you?

    • before you eat perhaps a photo might be prudent I get many folk think they have truffle and its not, not suggesting you are one of them but it would be nice to be sure 🙂 There are NO old bold mushroom pickers!

  11. Hi how are u? I am interested in purchasing a truffle dog that is trained to hunt for truffles. Please call me to let me know how to go about this. Call me +15168161016 my name is Lirim im from New York.

    • Hi Tim I have available places on all my forays so far look under the dates tab and choose one, then e mail me. Cheers

    • Hi Liz no not yet but keep an eye on the foray tab over next month and dates will be added, thanks for your interest!

    • Hi Liz, not yet but they will be up in next few weeks. Most weekends between mid Sept- Dec will be available. thanks for your inetrest 🙂

  12. Hi!
    We have two dogs but our youngest spaniel is proving to be very nose lead. She is 18 months old and loves to learn so I think your course maybe great for her and us! We also have a terrier who I’m sure would enjoy the walking even if she didn’t do much locating. Can you send me some more details?

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