Fresh Summer Truffles For Sale!

I thought that I would let you all know that I am expecting delivery of fresh Summer truffle from the Balkans in the next two to three weeks the results of a trip to Serbia that I made in March this year. I went over there to re kindle a relationship with a wonderful lady whom I had met at a truffle conference in Italy some years ago. Researching and studying genetics, dna, microbiology is her forte but with a keen preference for fungi and truffles, a remarkable and very knowledgeable lady. Her partner an infamous Serbian truffle hunter whom I also met, they make a great team. He took great pride in showing me all his truffle grounds and passionately told me what species could be found according to the local environment. T aestivum, T brumale and T magnatum. It was fascinating and invaluable to see exactly where these truffles will be coming from and I can now assure all potential interested parties that they have been harvested from clean, healthy woodlands and in a sustainable manner, this of course is essential to comply with my ethics. I will receive 15 kilos of T aestivum, Summer truffle to start with over this season to see how it all develops, anyone interested is recommended to place orders soon as they will be here very soon. Quality is guaranteed and at good competitive prices.


7 thoughts on “Fresh Summer Truffles For Sale!

  1. Hi

    I might be interested in buying some truffles but don’t know how to go about it

    – could you let me have any details please (address, price, can they be posted etc)


    Hugh Creamer


    • Hi Maria,
      Thanks for your enquiry I am in the middle of weighing up and dividing what I have between small orders, I will look to see if I have some left for you, they have been very popular but I am out again tomorrow so will confirm then..ok? They are at £400 a kilo, how much do you think you will want? £630 per kilo in Borough market London last Wednesday!
      Thanks again,
      Best wishes,

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