My new truffle hound to be.

Meet Ela my little Cocker Spaniel

Meet Ela my new little Cocker Spaniel pup. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Frank Holmes from K10.  Frank has kindly given me this puppy as a gift which also comes with the opportunity to refine my truffle hunting techniques to yet another level training with the K10. We will be using searching methods that the army use for explosive detection. This will be fascinating. Frank spent 24 years in the military as an instructor, dog trainer, specialist handler operating in high threat areas. Frank is now the Operations & Training Manager at K10 Working Dogs. We are both determined to share our knowledge and make little Ela into a champion truffle hound! She comes from four generations of working trial champions and already proving to be quite a little character and very smart! A good working companion for Zebedee and some healthy competition which I feel will increase our already positive results, I can see the benefits already just around the house!

I can’t wait to introduce her to the aroma of truffle, how exciting!


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